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Meet Marian Kanaye

One Woman. Phenomenal Results. 

Marian has her Bachelor of Arts in English, not only that but she is also a fashion and lifestyle blogger ( Also being a Middle School English teacher, she discovered that she wanted more than just the average life, she wanted to expand to help others reach their goals with their businesses.  A sense of fashion has allowed her to put all of that creative juice into helping others market their businesses. With that idea in mind, and considering that she was good when it came to these essentials Glam Bombshell Marketing was born. Now known as The Maven Creative Studio.

Branding your business is very important as it comes to self-image, reputation, and the NAME of your brand. Naye’s explicit and high- standards lead her to develop a service that would supply her clients with that same potential as well. Her love of fashion and vast experience in the industry continues to serve as a driving force behind her ability to produce stylish professional websites, blogs, and social media campaigns. She sets the bar high for both style and grace as it is her mission to do so with others.

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