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Marian Kanaye is a self taught brand designer from Charleston, SC. She has an undergrad in English from USC Upstate and and MEd. from Capella University. She has been in the design business since March of 2017. She describes branding your business is very important as it comes to self-image, reputation, and the NAME of your brand. Marian Kanaye's explicit and high- standards lead her to develop a service that would supply her clients with that same potential as well. Her love of fashion and vast experience in the industry continues to serve as a driving force behind her ability to produce stylish professional websites, blogs, and social media campaigns. She sets the bar high for both style and grace as it is her mission to do so with others.

We are here to help you layout the look of your brand, create palettes that tell your story, and a vision that is beyond the visual eye.

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